Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Crafty Spark - Author and Prefect Assignment

Are you an author on this blog or a prefect? Perhaps you might like to try a little exercise? Don't get up... it's not that kind of exercise. It's a wee bit more sedate then that! It's a bit like 'Words and Pictures' I guess - but the Brown Owls theme is 'My Crafty Spark'. I'd love you to write a little bit (in your own 'voice') about the thing or things that conspired to make you want to start making things!

I'm sure we'd all love to share in the sorts of things that got you thinking 'HEY! I WANT TO MAKE THINGS!!!'. Perhaps it was a person. Perhaps it was book, or a movie.. that's good too! Perhaps it was 'Useful Box Envy', like me, from watching too many episodes of 'Playschool'. (And let's not even get into the fabric buying scenes on 'Little House On The Prairie'. Those make me get goosebumps.)

Start posting your 'My Crafty Spark' stories, if you would like to - and tell us your very own story - and a little bit about who YOU are and where you LIVE and who you LIVE with too!

(If you are not an author on this blog and would like to be, so you can join in, please email me and i'll invite you to be an author!)

xx Pip

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