Thursday, April 30, 2009

Perth Owls Meeting Reminder...

Just another friendly reminder for Brown Owls in Perth. Places are still available but filling up fast so make sure you RSVP by 11.59pm today. :)

Date: 2nd May 2009

Time: 2-4pm

Venue: Baby Goose, 945 Beaufort Street, Inglewood.

Theme: Crochet. So bring a crochet hook, what ever yarn you have and $2 for tea and coffee.

[image via skymagenta]

Since the Theme this month will be Crochet, the Prefects have decided that we would crochet Granny Squares!! Yippiee!!

I will be printing basic crochet instructions for the day just in case but maybe you would like to read up on Pip's post on How to Crochet Granny Squares HERE, HERE and HERE before going to the meeting.

Pip also directs us to a few websites that she has found on the subject.

Can't wait!!


Twittering Owl (Feli)


craftapalooza said...

Nice one Feli! Look forward to seeing youse on Sat.

Unknown said...

So, I RSVP'd before... but only the other day found out about the membership requirements. I'm not currently a member, and somewhere it said there were no more memberships available.

What's the story?