Thursday, April 9, 2009

Want To Earn Brown Owls Badges?!

badges from elsewhere

The first tasks for the Brown Owls badges are up! The details are on Pip's Brown Owls blog! There are more project options and other Badges coming soon!

Earn your Sewing Badge
Earn your Knitting Badge

I hope you have heaps of fun with this! I'm super excited about these!

xx Pip


JustJess said...

YAY! Fun Easter crafts! These look like a good thing to do with a mug of hot choc and a nice piece of slice. Ooh, baking badge maybe??!! Thanks Pip for all the thought you put into this. x

Kell said...

great idea Pip.. I was wondering where to keep all the crochet hooks I just bought ready for the next Owl meeting. I'm going to make it today.