Monday, April 6, 2009

Melbourne Meet Announcement - Monday 20th April - Crochet For Beginners


Hello all!

Bookings for this meeting will open up THIS Sunday at 9am - apologies for the change in dates - we've had some issues with appropriate venues. Please do not RSVP yet. Wait until Sunday after 9am. The details will be as follows:

Monday 20th April
Carlton Library Meeting Room
Carlton Library
Rathdowne Street, Carlton North

Learn to crochet a granny square!

7.30pm til 9.30pm

Bring a 5.50mm crochet hook (metal is best) and a ball or 2 of 8 ply yarn
Bring $2 for the tea and coffee kitty - a packet of biscuits won't go astray either - bring some if you would like to!
If you have a car bring a cushion to sit on (there will be limited seating)
Bring any crochet books you have at your place to share

We'll be tackling crochet on the night - and would encourage both beginners and experienced crochet-ers to come!

We will be taking only 20 bookings - to ensure that everyone leaves with some results.

I'll be posting some handy hints and how-tos on the Mike's blog in the mean time too!

xx Pip


Anon said...

Gutted I can't make this one - since I really want to learn how to crochet!!! Have family visiting from NZ :)

Marijke F-M

Anonymous said...

I'm keen to come Pip but shall be out of internet access until Monday night - hope I don't miss a booking! you know I like to be where there are hookers

petapledger said...

I would love to come to this one Pip!! Book me in.

Karen C said...

Great activity! Great venue! Great time! Pity I'm busy on the night. Hope to come to the next one.

wannawoo said...

Count me in too. I won't be able to RSVP on Sunday night either, hope this can count?!?! Joanna M

whoozqueen said...

Would definitely love to come, the granny square is something I've been trying by myself but haven't had success so far.


Jessica Lonard (The Crafty Librarian) said...

I'll be there! A visiting Sydney Brown Owl :o) Yay!

AMM said...

I would love to come.

Andrea M

Jemma. said...

Count me in please!
Jemma J

The craft librarian is Jess J

She didn't leave her name silly girl

Unknown said...

Hey Pip, I'm not exactly a beginner but I wanna come!! Maybe I can lend a helping hook?

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip,
not sure if this is where to book - there's no new announcement this morning. But I would love to come. Yes please.

Kellie S

frangipanisue said...

Would love to come along to the crochet-arama night. hoorah. See you then.
sue h x

Vanessa said...

Hi Pip

Love to come - have no experience in crotchet and would love to learn how to do a granny square.


polly pratt said...

I would love to come and learn as i`ve always wanted to make a blanket.

See you there.
Anna B-D

AMC said...

Would love to come, please. My first event!
Anne C

Anonymous said...

Oh Count me in as well!

Anna C

AMC said...

Sorry, I'm not well... and won't be able to be there tonight. I don't know where the best place to cancel is or if there is a waiting putting it here. Apologies.

Anne C