Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Melbourne - 29th June - Gocco and Gluhwein - RSVPs open 8pm Thursday

Edit - to the non-members who RSVPd - I'm sorry but this event is only open to members - but please send me an email and we'll try and include you in a casuals event that I'm planning - it's for lovely girls like you who missed out on memberships. xx

Attending so far we have -
  1. Christie (YES bring your GOCCO - Tea)
  2. Jacqui S (Tea)
  3. Anna J (Gluhwein) - CANCELLED
  4. Evie (Tea)
  5. Danielle (Tea)
  6. Joanna (Gluhwein)
  7. Sivonne (Gluhwein)
  8. Louise (Gluhwein)
  9. Lisa (Tea)
  10. Steph E (gluhwein)
  11. Emma W (tea)
  12. Jenny (Tea)
  13. Leisl (Tea)
  14. Soula (Gluhwein)
  15. Mandy (Tea) - CANCELLED
  16. Sarah W (tea/gluhwein?)
  17. Kalliopi (tea/gluhwein?)
  18. Kerry F (gluhwein)
  19. Jess Mc
  20. Jemma J

Roll up, roll up. Next Monday night we'll be drinking mulled wine (gluhwein) and I'll be doing a gocco demonstration! Yippee! Would you like to come? Here's what to do::

RSVP on this post after 8pm on Thursday night. The first 20 girls to RSVP are in. PLEASE let me know if you would like to drink mulled wine or if you would prefer to stick to cups of tea. Try to come if you do RSVP because I'll be allowing for you in the gluhwein-catering and also because we want to see you! Here are the event details.

When - Monday 29th June - 7pm til 9pm
Where - Rear of Fitzroy Learning Network - enter via WOOD St - there's a sliding security door
Bring -
  • $5 to help pay for the expensive Gocco supplies.
  • PLUS $5 if you'll drink Gluhwein. If you'd like to stick to tea and coffee it's $2 for as much as you can drink.
  • So that's $10 if you're Gocco and Gluhwein-ing and only $7 if you are Gocco and Tea-Drinking. Got it?
  • Bring some dip or snacks if you think you'd like to!
What we're doing - I'll show you how to print with the Gocco printer. We'll make three different prints (and lots and lots of those prints!!) And you'll get to have a go at printing too. PLUS you'll get lots of copies of our prints to take home. We'll put a fun dvd on for you to watch too - last night we watched Gidget, which was cool! I'm thinking we might go for 'The Flying Nun' this time! Truly.

Now, if you would like to print on some cards - bring the blanks along and we'll do them! If you have any special paper you'd like to experiment with printing on, bring that too. They just need to be the size of a regular greeting card/envelope

This is SUCH a great night. You really should come along! It's okay for you to come if you've attended one of the other Gocco nights - I think most people who desperately wanted a spot are in - so this night is available for all members to attend.

Merci! Don't forget to let me know if you will Gluhwein or Tea-Drink!

xx Pip


Christie said...

yep please pip

can you byo gocco?

tea please :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes please Pip!! This will be my 1st one :-) very excited - tea for me please. Ta
Jacqui S

Anna said...

Oh, I'd love to come to this! I'll take Gluhwein too please!
Anna J

Evie said...

yes please. would love to come and gocco, flying nuns & tea...?? hehe

Evie S

Danielle said...

I would love to come along too. I'm especially looking forward to Sally Fields and a cup or two of tea. Danielle P

Joanna said...

Hooray! I would love to come to Grocco and drink Gluhwien!! Jo K

sivonne said...

Hi Pip - yes please. Gluhwein - such a good idea!

Sivonne x

Curious Llama said...

Please count me in for gocco and gluhwein. Thanks. Louise a

Jemma. said...

Yes please! I've missed out on the other Gocco nights. Just tea for me please. I might drive.

Lisa Hodson said...

Count me in for gocco tea and Sally Field please :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in!!! Gocco, so excited!!!
Steph E

Anonymous said...

Count me in please.
Emma W

Cecelia said...

I'd like to RSVP for me and Elissa, 2 No tea for us!
Looking forward to our 1st brown owls for the year.

Anonymous said...

Oh goody. I've just come home from a concert that my son was in at school and I see that there are a few places left so please count me in!
I think I'll stick to tea please.

Jenny L.

Liesl said...

I'd love to come too!

Liesl C

Liesl said...

Ooops ... I'm a silly billy ... I forgot to say tea for me please!

MissK said...

Count me in please,I don't know what Gulwein is but I will give it a try!

MissK said...

I forgot to leave my name,it's Soula K :)

mandy said...



mandy said...

oh and tea for me please.

mandy lowry

Anonymous said...

Please save a spot for me! I haven't Gocco'd yet and would love to try.

Sarah W

kalliopi said...

can i please squeeze in or am i too late??

Kalliopi V

Anonymous said...

Thanks Pip, Gluhwein for me please.
Kerry F

mandy said...

Hi Pip,

I can not make this - Not sure if I am on the list or not.

Mandy Lowry

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip!
Sorry i forgot to say I'd love to try the Gluhwein.
Steph E

Anonymous said...

I'll stick to tea please.
Emma W

kalliopi said...

Gluwein for me please.
It's my favourite winter drink!!

Kalliopi V

Jemma. said...

Hi Pip,
I did RSVP, but I forgot to include my name so I'm not on your list.
Jemma J.
Is that still ok?

Cindy said...

Am I able to fit in tonight Pip? I will just have tea.