Thursday, June 11, 2009

Melbourne - Gocco Demo - Monday 15th June - Fitzroy Learning Network - RSVPS open tomorrow at 8pm

Hi peeps! We're gocco-ing again on Monday night - NOT at the Carlton Library as previously advertised - but at our regular venue - The Fitzroy Learning Network. You'll get a couple of prints to take home! Hurrah! We'll only have one Gocco on the night - but you'll all get a chance to have a turn.

There was a waiting list for this event - so we only have EIGHT spots available. The first 8 to RSVP after 8pm tomorrow night are in. Remember - it's NOT AT THE CARLTON LIBRARY as previously stated!

Where are we? :: Fitzroy Learning Network (in the big BACK room) -The NEW entry point to this room is at the back of the centre - The door is at 3 Wood Street, Fitzroy - It's that little dead end street where the pinpoint is below. As you can see, its off MOOR Street. Don't come to the front door on Napier Street - come to the back door on WOOD STREET
Time :: 7pm until 9pm
Date :: Monday 15th June
Bring :: $5 to cover the costs of Gocco equipment (this will also cover the costs of tea and coffee)
Bring :: a snack to share if you would like to - just something little


polly pratt said...

I would love to come. I can bring a gocco if you need another.

Anna B-D

carla said...

Please count me in-
I'd love to learn how gocco works


Carla Y

kalliopi said...

can i please come?!

kalliopi said...

oops.. forgot my name

Kalliopi V

Anonymous said...


(I would love to come too.)

Aisha S.

Anonymous said...

i'd love to come. Sophie de G

Liz said...

Liz and Katrina would love to come along!

Anonymous said...

Me too, please!

Linda H

kate said...

I'd love to come too.