Thursday, April 16, 2009

Melbourne - Gocco Demo - BOOKED OUT!

The Lucky Attendees: Nycole W, Fiona S, Jessica N, Ness C, Cindy H, Jess M, Keti D, Engela M, Cindy A, Lisa H, Lara F, Ebony B, Catie M, Clare B, Jan J, Carolyn E, Aisha S, Peta P, Hollie S, Becca C

If you missed out - please email me with GOCCO WAITING LIST and you'll be included in a repeat session down the track.
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Further details about our 27th April Gocco Demonstration will be coming soon - but you are all very keen to get your RSVP in - so here we go! I'll fill you in on the details asap (Venue etc) - and we'll be sure to help anyone with transport issues get there, if need be!

Okey doke - RSVP away - only 20 spots for this one (and if it's popular a repeat soon!)

You'll all get to see what the Gocco system is about - and get a print or 2 to take home! It's not a Gocco Workshop - it's a Gocco Demo. Okey doke?!

xx Pip


Nycole said...

Hi Pip, count me in (hope it's after 7:30am!)
Nycole W

Caffeine Heartbeats said...


I would love to come!

Fiona S

miss fancy said...

Hi Pip - yes please put me on the gocco demo list, thanks Jessica N

Vanessa said...

Morning Pip

Love to check out a Gocco demo so count me in.

Ness C

Cindy said...

Yes Please

Cindy H

teddybearswednesday said...

HI pip could I be jump in too.
Jess M

keti said...

yes, oh yes please!
for me (keti d) & my my sis (engela m)

Cindy said...

I'll come along! Thanks
Cindy A

Unknown said...

Hi Pip, Please add me to the list. Thanks! Lisa H

Anonymous said...

Yes please, would love to come along and see a Gocco in action! And good morning, by the way!

Lara F

Off The Peg said...

Yes please.
Ebony B

miscellany said...

Yes please!!
Catie M

ClareB said...

Hi Pip
Please put me down to come along.
Clare Boek

Running Thread said...

Hi Pip
I'd love to come.
Jan J

Anonymous said...

Hi Pip
count me in
Carolyn E

Martta said...

Me too! Count me in.

Aisha S

petapledger said...

Am I too late? Count me in!

Unknown said...

Yay! finally I can come to something, can't wait!!

Becca said...

I would love to come!! We have a lot of early birds!

Becca C

ephemeral_republic said...

yes please!
Nicole T

mandy said...

Yes Please


mandy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Hi Pip ... just wanted to say thanks for my Brownies pack! I received it today and it's awesome. Love the gocco prints and the keyring especially.