Monday, April 20, 2009

Melbourne Social - Sunday 26th April - 8.30am - Camberwell Market Thriftalong

image via Sweet William

Would you like to meet up at the Camberwell Market this Sunday, with some other Brown Owls?! Comment here if you would! We'll have coffee and jam doughnuts and do a bit of marketing together! We'll be meeting outside the Pet Shop at 8.30am (the Pet Shop is in the Car Park where the market is held.) Come along and have some thrifty fun!

xx Pip


Jemma. said...

I would love to :)
I've been meaning to check out the Market for a long time!

Kyriake said...

I might be there... I've been busy busy busy with uni work, so I haven't made it to a brown owls events yet this year! I will try my best to be there.

Kerry. A

polly pratt said...

I cant wait . i`ve wanted to check it out.

See you there,

Anna B-D

Jobie said...

That sounds like awesome amounts of fun. There's also one that happens at the arts centre in the city every sunday the makers market;
It looks good too.
Then there's the book fair in fed square every Saturday that I just neeeed to go to. But only with a certain amount of money to spend, otherwise I'll buy everything!

teddybearswednesday said...

I would love to be there, but I can't drive, Is there anyone I could get a lift with?
Jess M

Cindy said...

Can I bring little man or is it big people only? I understand either way, just wanted to check incase he wanted to come.

Evie said...

great idea! Im going to try and make it for sure.


Anonymous said...

sounds good. I'll definately try to be there.

Margaret said...

I went last weekend and was planning another trip out next weekend ... so I will definitely try and be there!

Travelling from Northcote, so happy to pick people up on the way through.

Princess kirstie jane said...

Yep I will be there, went for the first time recently, keen to go have another looksie. Driving from Caulfield happy to pick up on the way.
Btw the train station is really close on the Lillydale line or the no 75 tram goes right by.

neridac said...

Hi sounds like fun, except for the early start! But I have heard these markets are worth the effort, c u there!
Nerida C