Monday, April 13, 2009

Melbourne Update


I've just emailed ALL Melbourne members an update - please let me know if you didn't receive yours so we can get to the bottom of it! Be sure to check your spam folder!

It's a bit tricky this year - some people want to receive email prompts and some people are happy to check the blog - so I will post all updates here AND via email. Hopefully that will keep everyone smiling and positive. You have the option to unsubscribe to the email update, of course.

The email read:

Just checking in with some news and things. As you know, the crochet meet is booked out! Don't worry though, we'll add another crochet date if there is enough interest! If you would like a second How To Granny Square meet to run, email me with GRANNY WAITING LIST! in the subject line. I'll arrange something in the coming month and you'll be first on the list!

The RSVPs for the GOCCO printing demonstration will open on the Brown Owls Members Blog this Friday 17th Yes. 7.30am. Hopefully you'll all be fresh out of bed and at your computers and you'll be in with a great chance.

We'll show you how to use a gocco printer - and you'll get to take a print home - but we won't have enough time or printers for everyone to have a turn. That's why it's a DEMO, not a WORKSHOP! This meet is designed to show you what all the Gocco printing fuss is about, in case it might be something you might like to do in your spare time! I think it might just be!

I'll let you know venue details on Friday too! These details will be announced on the blog later today too.

I've decided to allow non-members to come to any meetings that don't fill up - but I'll allow 3 days for Member RSVPs first. That way we'll be able to run all the meetings no matter what and we won't have to cancel any due to low RSVPs (like the Museum one!). I hope that seems okay to you all.

Also - there are some details of the first badges you can earn here - go take a peep if you haven't already!

I was thinking of heading to Borders Carlton later today (around 5pm) - does anyone feel like a coffee and a stitch/knit/crochet/craft book browse for an hour or so? Email me if you would like to meet up. It might be nice! Gloria Jean's (within Borders) seats about 30 or so - so we might have to squish, depending on how busy it is there!

AND - I just wanted to reiterate that you can run a mini Brown Owls at your place this year at any time - if you would like to! Just send me the details and I'll put it up on the blog - or I can add you as an author and you can put it up yourself! ALSO - if you have any bright ideas for other events you might like to run for the Owls - or help me run - let me know about that too! It could be a tour of somewhere crafty, a trip to the country, a visit to a crafty market... Whatever you think would be great! It's going to be a fun packed crafty year!

xx pip

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Jess said...

Hi Pip,

I've recently moved to Melbourne and I would love to become a Brown Owl, will your membership store be available again soon or is there an alternate way to become a member?