Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thanks Brissy Owls!

Hi everyone,
thanks for a great day of Granny Crocheting - honestly you ARE ALL star pupils!!
wow we really made some headway today into making sure we can comfortably sit in our rockers and crochet away once we are official Grannies :D

I am sure Rebecca will be sharing some of the pictures that she took today and anyone else that took photos, email them through to us so we can share them with the group.

Just wanted to do a little post to congratulate you all, and to thank you for putting up with me as a pseudo teacher! heehee

Oh, and dont forget the secret knock for the next catch up! ;-)


one yellow jumpsuit. said...

You are a wonderful teacher Em. Thankyou so much for teaching us and for your patience and kindness. See you next time. Love Hannah xx

Helen said...

I had a fantastic time today, thanks for your guidance Em.
I have some photos on my blog which you are free to use.