Friday, August 28, 2009

i'm an owl magnet

hello ladies,

i have a question. has anyone else become an owl magnet since joining this club?

may i present exhibit A: the first of the owl invasion, my mum bought me these pyjama pants complete with cloth bag and eye-cover thingy.

exhibit B: a garden stake that was passed on to me from my climbing friend Rob, when he had to move out of his house in the country. Unfortunately I don't have a garden and it was a tad oversized for my windowsill herbs, however it eventually found a happy home sticking out of my CD rack.
exhibit C: this little guy travelled to my house in the suitcase of my uni friend emma. she was doing a fancy placement in london for our course, and found this interesting creature at a market on a weekend trip to paris. paris! he has a bung eye (i've covered it up pretty well with this photo angle) but he is still so frenchy so chic to me.

exhibit D: this brooch was given to me by my friend pete's housemate nicole, although pete prefers a story involving himself hand selecting it for me at some trendy market not specified. 

at this rate, it seems inevitable that i will become the crazy old owl lady (and all these years i thought it would be cats), but i don't mind at all!

ps. remember a long time ago, i put up a photo of some little geranium leaves that felt like puppies ears? well, look what happened! 

what a growth-filled year it has been.

kim x

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Khris said...

I know how you feel but I was becoming an owl magnet before I joined the group. I am like you though. Cant get buy without looking for something "owly" Khris