Thursday, August 27, 2009

Recycled Craft Night @ the Box Factory

‘Turning old stuff into beautiful new stuff’

The Box Factory, home of the Adelaide Brown Owls, is hosting a Recycled Craft Night on the 2nd of September from 5pm to 9pm.

The plan for the night is:

5pm – Vintage Grocery Bags with Sophie & Joanne
Turning old sheets, pillowcases and fabric scraps in to reusable grocery bags

6pm Plastic Bag Knitting with Christine
Knitting plastic bags into new wonderful creations

7pm Soy Wallets with Sam
Turning Tetra Packs into nifty little wallets and purses

8pm Darning & Mending circles with Mary & Anita
Bring along your holey socks and torn garments and learn the vanishing art of mending.

Plus – The Forgotten Project Graveyard Mega Swap! Bring along your lonely and unwanted craft projects and find new caring owners at the grave yard trade table.

Cost $2 – tea and coffee provided

Come and support the Box Factory!


Ulla said...

Ooh how I wish I could be there! I must arrange my own Brown Owl Craft nights here in Finland.

Cherie Wilkinson said...

ohohoh so depressing I can't make it, looks like an excellent night! I make quite a few bags and things from old fabric and plastic and have made a tetra pack wallet or two, but I'd LOVE to learn how to darn! :(

Anonymous said...

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