Sunday, August 9, 2009

looky looky, i'm in a booky.

hello owls,

i felt a bit special on wednesday, and not just because i was wearing my cool op-shop shoes.

i went to the launch of 'handmade in melbourne'! 
john brumby did a speech, and i saw some B grade celebrities, like Huey the chef. I even spotted some C grade celebrities, like that comedian, the one with the fringe. There were free drinks, and some pretty displays from a few people featured in the book. My favourite was an arm chair upholstered in touristy tea towels.
if you happen to come across one of these babies in a bookstore, flick to pg.117 because i'm in there too!
anyway, i was wondering if there are any other owls in the book? leave me a comment so i can read about you too and be proud.

i hope i get to come to a meeting soon, i've been so busy doing placements for uni all over the shop! i especially want to get in on this package swapping business- who even needs christmas?

until then,


Martta said...

Lovely Kim I'm so proud of you!
I'm also curious to know about other owly types and their work. xx

meetmeatmikes said...

That is wonderful Kim! Congratulations!

I think that there are a couple of Brown Owls hiding in those pages! There is Emma Greenwood and there is Bindi Booth too! Congratulations Kim and Emma and Bindi! Good on you all! Thanks for filling us in on the launch too, Kim. Your posts are always so entertaining and fun!