Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Melbourne - Monday 7th September - Penpal Kits and Paper Swap


When : Monday 7th September
Where : Rear of Fitzroy Learning Network
When : 7.30pm til 9.30pm

What : We're going to make PENPAL kits! We'll be packing up stationery and stickers and envelopes and the like! I'm going to be bringing lots of things to share and pack. But do YOU have any cute stationery, envelopes and stickers that you are not using that you could bring too? The more things we have the cuter the kits will be!

RSVP : 20 members only : please only RSVP if you can come! RSVP now on this post.
BRING : PLEASE make this super great by bringing some papery or penpally ephemera to contribute : suggestions - retro stationery, vintage stationery, notepads, stickers, pretty pages to cut up and stick on plain paper, erasers, pens, envelopes, templates for envelopes, plain paper, cute coloured paper, little paper bags, paper clips, cute tape, air mail stickers, printed stuff from cute blogs like The Small Object, labels... whatever you have that is cute! The more you bring the more we will pack!
I'LL PROVIDE : more of the above things, scissors, bags to pack into, guillotine

Food and Drink : I'll provide tea and coffee. Bring anything else you would like!

ALSO : bring some crafting to go on with if you would like to!

xx Pip

PS Edit : If you would like to come and show the other Brown Owls how to do or make something then let me know! I will help you! Surely you must be getting sick of the sound of MY voice by now?! So let me know if you'd like to lead the group for a night! Because that's what Brown Owls is about - sharing skills and having fun and getting involved!


Anonymous said...

Oh how I love nice papery things!
I'll be there!!

Shannon R

Anonymous said...

Finally my first owl meeting I will be there.

Kelly Z

Drewzel said...

Hey yeah! I'll come too! Can't wait to catch up :D

Drewzel said...

oops, forgot my name, Steph McLoughlin :P

jack sprat said...

Yes, please - that sounds lovely!
Jacqui S

Anonymous said...

Yay paper goodness, will bring bits and bobs as well. Cheers Lara K

Anonymous said...

yay paper goodness will bring bits and bobs... Cheers Lara K

miss willow said...

I'll be there, with something from my stash to contribute (once I find said stash...). Kirsty Mc

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

sounds like a laugh c u there
Miss Cinti

Joanna said...

sounds great. I'll be there. Jo K

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

if anyone needs a lift to or from Caulfield, armadale, east stkilda area
am happy to pick up
just contact me through the my poppet web page..cheers Cintia