Thursday, August 13, 2009

Melbourne - Monday 24th August - Stitched and Printed Hanky Panky

image via WeeBirdy

Hello Owls!

Our next Brown Owls event will be Embroidered and Printed Hankies! Inspired by this and Hankie Queen Gemma Jones, we'll be experimenting with Gocco printing some plain and printed Hankies (and fabric too!) - and we'll be embroidering some hankies!

When : Monday 24 August - 7.30pm until 9.30pm (a slightly later start) - NOT this coming Monday - we have a bye then.
Where : Fitzroy Learning Network - REAR entrance - 6 Wood St, Fitzroy
How Many : 20 members (this is a members only event)
Cost : It will cost $10 - to cover globes, screen, ink and hankies.
Plus : I will provide floss, needles, scissors and loan hoops for embroidery.
Drinks : Tea and coffee is on the house!

Optional - Bring drinks to share and snacks if you want to.

Optional -Bring some extra squares of light coloured fabric to make extra prints if you would like to! Or extra hankies that you might have. We'll be printing in BLACK ink.
Optional - a swap if you would like to - a wrapped up package of things from your house/stash that you don't need, but that someone else might like!

RSVP - from now on this post. Please note - I have to buy/make lots of hankies for this - please don't RSVP if you won't come - as I'll have catered for you and be out of pocket. I hope you understand. xx


Bexy said...

I will be there!
Thanks Pip
Rebecca N

AMM said...

Looking forward to having a play with a Gocco at last. I'll be there and with something from the Handmade Help cookbook.
Andrea M

Leah said...

I havnt had a chance to Gocco yet either!
Im in, thanks pip

Miss Cinti - my poppet said...

Looking forward to trying out gocco
see you there
Miss Cinti

Rachael said...

I will be there! Looking forward to it. Had a big clear out of my sewing corner this week (much to my partners relief - I think the mountain of materials was starting to make him twitch), so I will bring some 'swapsies' along. Cheers, Rachael W

thornberry said...

Would love to come along. Thanks Pip!
Lara F

Cindy said...

Oh my snot would look hot. My nose would not be drippy all thanks to gocco hankies and Pippy!
Yes Please
Cindy H

miss fancy said...

Yes please Pip!

frangipanisue said...

yes yes yes
i'm there with bells on
sue h

frangipanisue said...

yes yes yes
i'm there with bells on
sue h

zigsma said...

Looking forward to my second Brown Owls meeting. See you there. Claire R

Anonymous said...

Please count me in - sounds great!
Shannon R

Anonymous said...

Yes please.

Kim Peart Gratton

carla said...

Oh that sounds fun.

Please count me in.

Thanks Pip


Carla Y

ephemeral_republic said...

I would love to make this my first actual attendance ... what month is it ... August? How DID that happen?
Hope that's ok....

Nicole T

Becca said...

I'll be there,
dressed as a bear,
eating a pear,
jugging a chair.

Becca C

Kathryn said...

yes please, I would love to come along.

Kathryn M

Melanie said...

With bells on!

Mel C

Anonymous said...

Can I please come?
Jenny L

kim bagot said...

yes please!

kim b

kate said...

how geeky. I'm in. kate