Thursday, August 6, 2009

Melbourne Meet - Monday 10th August - 7pm - Pack, Snack, Swap and Make

Where - Rear of Fitzroy Learning Network - enter via 6 Wood St (NOT the front entrance!)
When - Monday 10th August, 7pm til 9.30pm - we ran a bit late last week and it was nice!
Who? - 20 spots available - RSVP from now on this post (no need to wait!)
What -
1. Stash Swap - pack up a bundle of things to swap on the night - they should be things you already have at home - don't buy anything new! Wrap them up into a package to put on the swap table.
2. Pack - we'll be packing the brand-new-fresh-from-the-printers Handmade Help recipe books to send out to those who pre-ordered it! We need help!!
3. Snack - bring a snack to share - and wine if you would like to! We will provide tea and coffee!
4. Make - bring some crafting to go on with (or just come and pack and chat if you like!)


AMM said...

I will be there. If there are any copies of the book available for sale, I would like to buy one.

Andrea M

Cindy said...

Yes please, hopefully I will remember everything this time

Anonymous said...

Count me in please - I'll definatelt make it this time!
Shannon R

miss fancy said...

Yes Please Pip!!

frangipanisue said...

i'll be there, hopefully with my craft this week! plus packing list in hand, of course!
sue h

Martta said...

I want to come too!I was ready to come along last time, but lucky I checked for details and noticed that I hadn't rsvped. oh my, not my cleverest moment.

Aisha S

Melanie said...

Oh! I thought this was going to be from 8pm. Nevermind. I'll be there, probably late, and providing this sore throat doesn't morph into something more evil.
Mel C

meetmeatmikes said...

Hey Mel,
Yes we were going to start later, but we need to allow as much time as possible to pack the books!

Princess kirstie jane said...

I will be coming and waiting at the door step before 7 this time 'cause I tried to come this week but was a little late and I couldn't get your attention. I am not sure if I was pounding on the wrong door or just to shy to pound loud enough. :( But hurrah I love to pack and will bring a snack.

petapledger said...

I would like to come too!

Peta :)

Nycole said...

I will definitely make it this time - looking forward to seeing the recipe book! Nycole W

polly pratt said...

I would love to come. Can i buy i cook book??

See you there.

Anna B-D

Rosa said...

I`m currently in Abu Dhabi, on my way to Melbourne for the week. I touch down tomorraw at six, i willl try to make it in some form of slumber based madness.

rosa9 (from the UK)

Martta said...

oh damn, can't come
morphed into a snot machine, and i was so excited to be able to come this time. happy packing and snacking!