Monday, August 24, 2009

REMINDER : Brown Owls Melbourne - TONIGHT - 7.30 start! REMINDER!

Just a reminder that we are starting at 7.30 tonight NOT 7pm!

The details again : this event is FULL : no more RSVPs if you please!

When : Monday 24 August - 7.30pm until 9.30pm (a slightly later start)
Where : Fitzroy Learning Network - REAR entrance - 6 Wood St, Fitzroy
How Many : 20 members (this is a members only event)
Cost : It will cost $10 - to cover globes, screen, ink and hankies.
Plus : I will provide floss, needles, scissors and loan hoops for embroidery.
Drinks : Tea and coffee is on the house!

Optional - Bring drinks to share and snacks if you want to.

Optional -Bring some extra squares of light coloured fabric to make extra prints if you would like to! Or extra hankies that you might have. We'll be printing in BLACK ink.
Optional - a swap if you would like to - a wrapped up package of things from your house/stash that you don't need, but that someone else might like!

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