Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Brisbane: Upcoming Meetings

Brisbane Brown Owls, meeting dates for the rest of the year are:

Sunday 27 September - Brown Owls day out! An exclusive Brown Owls only visit to West End's new hotspot for all things handmade and eco Nook followed by a leisurely morning of crafting and coffee at 3 Monkeys Cafe. Further details coming soon!

Sunday 18 October - Ninyogami (Japanese paper dolls) with Melanie

Sunday 15 November - Christmas Yudu Screen Printing with Katy plus a crafty swap
This will be our last meet up for the year so we thought we'd celebrate by having a crafty swap! More details closer to the date.

Prior to each meet up we'll do a post with all the details for you to RSVP on.

Happy Crafting!


amy said...

all those meets sound so fun! i can't wait! i'm visiting nook for the first time this weekend and i have no doubt i will love it. PLUS three monkeys is awesome, as are paper dolls! i love being an owl :)

Katy said...

That all sounds very exciting! Also congrats to the new Prefect, Sam, too!!

Thanks again Brissie Brown Owls for making it all so much fun :-) I love being a Brown Owl too!

Lis said...

I think I will miss most of these! I have my hen's night the night before the September meeting and I don't want to abandon my out of town friends, and in October I'll be on my honeymoon!

Unknown said...

Yay congrats Sam ... and I am looking forward to all these wonderful meet ups!

Jetta's Nest said...

Thanks :)

Best wishes for all your fun times coming up Lis! Hope you have a lovely hens night, wedding day and honeymoon...and everything thereafter!

See you all soon.