Monday, May 18, 2009

Brisbane's Biggest Meet

A record 22 Owls came together yesterday in Brisbane for the second round of granny square lessons. Without Em, the granny master, I attempted to give guidance to the newbies (remember, I was at the remedial end of the table last time...)

Thankfully Sam jumped in to give me a hand and had some of the girls starting dish cloths which was much easier than the granny.

Obviously Sandra didn't need help with grannies, she's making an uber chic granny bag for her daughter in LA. Can't wait to see the finished product!

Bel made us all cute little owly name badges, we drank Fair Trade coffee for the Fair Trade Awareness Campaign and received our usual sugar high. The cupcakes have a bubblegum ball on the top!

And here's Miranda, the cupcake princess (I'm crowning her princess as we already have a cupcake queen).

And it was Abbey's birthday! Hope you enjoyed the crafty start to your day Abbey.

The next meeting is on Sunday 21 June at 10am.
We're putting together a blog list of Brisbane Brown Owls so we can all get to know each other online too. If we don't have your blog link already leave a comment and we'll add it to the list which will be posted later in the week.

Don't give up on the granny, for a copy of the second lot of instructions we used pop over to Kirsty's How to make a granny square necklace.


melissa gardner said...

Oh I had a great time!! I went straight to Spotlight afterwards to stock up on some supplies - and spent the rest of the day making new squares! I found using the proper 'crochet' wool from spotlight was HEAPS easier than soft wool and it looks really awesome. I'll post some pics soon.
Kate thank you so much for lending me your wool for the day and thank you to Rebecca too for the crochet hook! (Kate I will return the rest of the wool you lent me when I see you next - sorry I should have given it back when you left!).
Go brown owls!
mel xx

Katy said...

had a great time and it was great putting some faces to internet people :-) Will be at the next one!!

Danielle said...

It was a struggle to get up on a Sunday morning, but so, so worth it! Everyone was so friendly and I did manage to work out the granny square later on that night - haha Mel, I went straight to Lindcraft in the city afterwards! See you all next time!

Purple Paisley Patch said...

I had a lovely time too! I still haven't conquered the granny square, but definitely feel that I've made some progress, so that's a positive start. Thanks for all your help Rebecca.

Count me in for the June meeting please. :-)

Helen said...

ohhh! it sounds like you had a fantastic time. I'm bummed now that I missed it but I slept through my alarm twice :O. Next time :)

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

I had a fabulous time again! And thanks to Sandra, crochet goddess, I have nearly finished my first baby's hat. Photos to come soon.

Lis said...

I'm sorry that I missed it! I picked up two kittens last weekend and wanted to get them settled in.

I should be there next time, I hope! And I will try and follow the instructions to do a granny square.

My blog is:

Kat said...

So sorry I missed it! Wil hopefully make the next one. cheers Kat xx

Unknown said...

i'm so sad i couldn't make it (nephews 21st at yaraman!). i'm desperate to come to the next one whenever it may be!

Sharyn Sowell said...

I am far, far away in the USA but I wish I were near enough to join you Brown Owls. Maybe some day! For now I will peek in on you and enjoy it long distance. Happy crafting from someone who wishes she could join you. If any of you get to the Pacific Northwest US, stop by and enjoy some paper play in my studio. Best wishes to you all and happy crafting!