Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tea Cosy Please

I have a new red teapot - Yeah!
The next step is a crocheted tea cosy - but I'm struggling to find a pattern. Are there any owls out there that have a pattern they can share with me?


Margaret said...

I have posted a pattern on my blog, along with ideas on how to turn hat pattern into tea cosy pattern.



Amy Badskirt said...

I've never made a tea cosy, but I can raise my hand up and suggest checking Ravelry ( They have links to some amazing crochet and knitting patterns many of which are free online. I really like looking there to see how others have fared with patterns and how patterns look in different colours and yarns!

It sometimes takes a few days to get added as a member, but it's worth the wait. Great for all brown owls who like yarn projects.

Evie said...

too funny I just purchased this teapot too. i love the colour! there is a very simple tea cosy over you might like to check out too

happy knitting!